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    Every pro you need

    It requires many creative specialists to collaborate on a landing page design, and we have all of them. You will discuss every design aspect of your project, from color scheme to animations, in a single shared Slack channel.

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    Always in a context

    Every designer knows what your project is about, is aware of your vision, customers and how you want to be perceived. This excludes the possibility for having incohesive and seemingly detached elements in UI.

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    We are no strangers to each other: together, we brainstorm, fight author bias with a second opinion, come up with solutions to complex problems and cover up each other in case of emergency, so you’re never left hanging.

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The modern software delivery platform

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Harness website


Open Source serverless Postgres

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Neon website


Open-source code hosting & pipeline engine

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Gitness website

Get noticed by community

Expertly crafted design can drive additional traffic. In the first week, Gitness project gained:

  • 500K+Project views
  • 3k+Github stars
Alex Barashkov's avatar
Alex Barashkov@alex_barashkov
~600 hours, 7 weeks of teamwork- Visual identity
- Web design
- Development
- Motion
- 3D
I think it would be fair to say that the site is made in @rive_app. For the rest, @nextjs, @tailwindcss, and @docusaurus were used.Meet
  • 1,455
  • 773
  • 173.8K
  • 150
  • 87
Jim Raptis's avatar
Jim Raptis18.8K Followers@d__raptis
Love these hidden micro interactions
Example of hidden micro interactions
  • 452
  • 408
  • 169
  • 22
  • 16
Steven Tey's avatar
Steven Tey36.5K Followers@steventey
Open-source GitHub alternative just dropped → gitness.comLanding page built with
@nextjs, @tailwindcss and @rive_app
  • 1,048
  • 408
  • 101.9K
  • 126
  • 37
Miguel Ángel Durán's avatar
Miguel Ángel Durán218.4K Followers@midudev
"Ser Desarrollador Web es pintar dos botones"
Los botones:
Website of gitness
  • 1,368
  • 194
  • 85.8K
  • 116
  • 29

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