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Harness case study

Harness logo

The modern software delivery platform

Harness is the world's first AI-augmented software delivery platform that helps developers simplify their work with innovative CI/CD, feature flags, infrastructure as code management, and chaos engineering tools.

Harness case study
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Neon case study

Neon logo

Open Source serverless Postgres

While building a developer-oriented product, we struggled to explain our needs to design agencies until we started with Pixel Point. Unlike others, Pixel Point quickly understood our product and target audience. Pixel Point delivered exceptional results in a short timeframe and became an extension of our dev and product teams, contributing to many areas without any communication bureaucracy

Stas Kelvich
Stas KelvichCo-Founder
Neon case study
Neon website

Gitness case study

Gitness logo

Open-source code hosting & pipeline engine

Gitness, by Harness, is an open-source code hosting and CI/CD platform. It features robust security, one-click migration from platforms like GitHub, and delivers 4x faster pipeline execution with versatile templates.

Gitness case study
Gitness website

Taipy case study

Taipy logo

An open-source Python full-stack application builder

Taipy is a tool to turn your data and AI algorithms into production-ready web applications in no time, facilitating your application's front-end and back-end development with integrated services.

Taipy case study
Taipy website

ObservIQ case study

ObservIQ logo

Top observability solutions for modern IT environments

Such a pleasure working with Alex and the entire Pixel Point team, they did an absolutely incredible job!

Ryan Goins
Ryan GoinsProduct Manager
ObservIQ case study
ObservIQ website

Terzo case study

Terzo logo

AI-powered contract platform for business and legal teams

Alex, Kate, and team at Pixel Point consistently went above and beyond redesigning our new website. Their design work is truly amazing. They did such an excellent job of casting our vision into our new website and helped us find the brand we were seeking. I also appreciated how gritty they were to meet deadlines and get things done. We are looking forward to continuing to build out our website even more with them!

Justin Hiatt
Justin HiattChief Growth Officer
Terzo case study
Terzo website

Novu case study

Novu logo

The open-source notification infrastructure for developers

Building an open-source product for engineers, it was important for us to have a design and branding company that understands our target audience. Pixel Point was the perfect match for this, from the very beginning it felt like we are speaking the same language and you can see it by the amazing results.

Dima Grossman
Dima GrossmanCo-founder and CTO
Novu case study
Novu website

RevenueCat case study

RevenueCat logo

Subscription Management for Mobile Apps

Pixel Point was an amazing partner to work with. They were able to translate our vision for our brand into a beautiful finished product and were collaborative and responsive every step of the way.

Corey Rabazinski
Corey RabazinskiHead of Marketing
RevenueCat case study
RevenueCat website

Fonoa case study

Fonoa logo

Indirect tax technology for global businesses

Fonoa is the global tax automation platform that allows customers to validate tax IDs, calculate taxes, generate invoices and e-invoices, report transactions and file tax returns through a single solution. They support tax compliance at the transaction level and simplify the global tax landscape.

Fonoa case study
Fonoa website

Nayms case study

Nayms logo

A smart contract powered platform for on-chain insurance

The Pixel Point team totally surpassed our expectations when it came to both design and implementation for our new site. We’re looking to further work with their great team!

Dan Roberts
Dan RobertsCEO & Co-Founder
Nayms case study
Nayms website

Isovalent case study

Isovalent logo

Cloud native networking, security, and observability

Pixel Point has always been a reliable partner. Every team member at Pixel Point brings an impressive level of professionalism and quality. They have an exceptional ability to transform our complex requirements into elegant design.

Swarna Podila
Swarna PodilaHead of Marketing
Isovalent case study
Isovalent website

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