A marketing website is a complex thing to build on your own

You either ask your team of specialists from adjacent fields

Or go wild cherry-picking & managing freelancers

It doesn’t have to be like that. Work with Pixel Point to see the difference:

  • 1.

    Professional team

    The team power-packed with talented web, graphic and motion designers and software engineers led by skilled project managers whose synergy and sum of experience bring stunning marketing websites to life on a regular basis.

  • 2.


    Communication is the key to any successful relationship. At Pixel Point we answer in a matter of hours, eagerly joining requirements discussions and deliver constant updates, making our work as transparent as it possible.

  • 3.

    On the same page with you

    Our team gained a strong technical background working in Open Source, DevOps, and SaaS fields. It helps us naturally translate the technological complexity of your project to visually appealing and clear graphics.

Here is what we have to offer for the next ideal marketing website of yours:

  • Astonishingly looking
    pixel-perfect UI

  • Dazzling illustrations
    and animations

  • Obvious and clear way to
    operate on your content

  • Robust release
    management flow

  • Integrations, 3rd parties
    and analytics set up

  • High-performing,
    SEO & a11y friendly

Let's break down the Magic behind the result and reveal the whole process:

  • 1.


    Through organised surveys and dialogues you tell us about your company origin, your message, your product and what makes you stand out on competing market.

  • 2.

    Visual Direction

    We reimagine the brand identity through various experiments with colors, graphics, animations, composition patterns and UI shapes, combining individual inputs into the big picture that communicates with the user exactly the way it should.

  • 3.

    UI Design

    At this stage we create design system and consecutively draw every project page under its guidelines. We perform many short iterations on each section, illustration and animation until the mockup begins to shine.

  • 4.


    We proceed with a pixel-perfect implementation the way we see best: using JAM stack within React ecosystem. This approach makes it possible to ship in very reasonable terms a performant, secure, and maintainable website that looks and behaves as intended.

  • 5.


    Pixel Point will share this important moment with you, backing you up on any related tech question, whether it is choosing a proper deploy platform, setting up ci/cd pipelines, content migration or gradual rollout.

  • 6.


    At this step your website is live, but we are still here in case you need anything. We will make sure the project stays up-to-date, provide social media assets to your marketing team, extend your components library if needed, and, of course, fix occasional bugs.

We’ll get you covered on what we can do best:

Web design

Our approach is rather inclusive: web design to us is not only effective, efficient and visually pleasing screens, but motion design with its live animations, as well as graphic design with entertaining illustrations, exciting social media covers and, of course, high-quality branded items.

Read more about web design

Web development

Clean codebase, flexible content management, robust release flow and custom integrations will please the business while website performance, accessibility and mobile devices adaptation will ensure an outstanding experience for your customers.

Read more about web development

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