Get your own full-time, dedicated team of professionals for your startup

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AI & Bots


If you have an idea, startup, or existing product that requires a team of skilled, dedicated workers, come to Pixel Point:


Discovery and quoting

We will fully understand your needs, clearly outline the necessary resources, and quote a fair price for the project. Our focus lies in human resources; we excel at finding the best people for your needs. We will also ensure transparency every step of the way, so you can feel confident in our process and know exactly what you are paying for.


Gathering team

You will benefit from access to a fully dedicated team who give their undivided attention to your project. They operate as your personal in-house team, gathered from our pool of personally vetted local talent, and - just as with local in-house operations - optimized to best fit the specific needs of your project.


All kind of specialists

It doesn’t matter if you need designers, developers, Devops, QAs, CTOs, or product managers; Pixel Point has the specialists you need. The Pixel Point team shares knowledge, common practices, and approaches between team members that reduce development time and save you money, whatever the scope or needs of your project.


Effective management

We will develop an effective, achievable plan that that accounts for your budget and timeline. Carefully defined internal workflows and lack of needless middle management allow us to keep our prices low for these services. This also improves the efficiency of our work and ensures the best results for every project, every time.


Pixel Point specialises in supplying teams of highly qualified specialists in various areas:

Node.jsUI/UXReactReduxReal-timeBlockchainICO SupportKYC AWSAuto-ScalingRancherKubernetesDockerCI/CDELKMachine LearningiOSAndroidGDPRVirtual CTOProduct ManagmentAgileQA


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Pixel Point’s executives personally oversee and manage each of our dedicated teams directly:

Alex Barashkov


Martin Szyllo


Vlad Kamelsky