MiscMay 24, 2022

The Pixel Point strikes twice at Gatsby’s Best of 2021 Agency Awards

We've been there working with GatsbyJS since the very beginning. We have witnessed its beta release, went to production with Gatsby v1.0, and learned tricks and caveats during migration all the way through to v4. We've contributed to the ecosystem, tweaking existing and creating our own community plugins, writing tutorials, opening issues, and translating documentation. It's been quite a ride and, for sure, a pleasant one.

We always love seeing how Gatsby grows and how rapidly it becomes one of the most famous and reliable open-source JAMstack tools. This year, at the beginning of March, they held GatsbyConf 2022, featuring Gatsby's Best of 2021 Agency Awards there. To our surprise, we took place among the finalists of the Best Site Design (with Browserless) and Agency of the Year categories.

It's been such an honor to share the stage and compete against the industry leaders whose combined efforts shape the landscape of the future web! We've been developing, deploying, and hosting client websites using GatsbyJS and Gatsby Cloud on a daily basis, making continuous contributions to collective community knowledge. Now, being brought to the light as role models, we will push the boundaries of the Gatsby universe even further.

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