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Work process

If you have an idea, startup, or existing product that requires a team of skilled workers, look no further than Pixel Point:



This process is about you and your business. To ensure that the final product will exceed your expectations, we carry out extensive research before unveiling our creative vision.


UX Design

At this stage, we’ll use wireframes and flowcharts to help you understand the location and function of every feature. This will show you how users should navigate your product.



A smooth user experience is more important than ever. We’ll blend insights from consumer psychology and sophisticated modeling techniques to prototype a high quality interface.


UI Design

Here, we ensure that the appearance of each product reflects your distinctive brand aesthetic. Your palette, typeface, and animation must be as elegant as they are unique.



We focus on quality and robustness, and work together to ensure that your product functions correctly. We always aim for a great performance and pixel perfect.


Launch & Support

After all of that hard work, it's time to release your product to the public. Congrats! We’ll continue to tweak it as real-world feedback rolls in to ensure an optimal user experience.


Pixel Point excel in supplying services requiring highly qualified specialists in various fields:

Node.jsReactReduxReal-timeGatsbyBlockchainRancherKubernetesBotsDockerCI/CDELKGraphic DesignMachine LearningiOSAndroidGDPRAgileUI/UXApplicationsQAVueProduct Managment


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