DesignJuly 6, 2022

Motion Morning #4: Not-so-ordinary-folk

Hi there, my name's Roman. I'm a friend of Pixel Point and an aspiring motion designer. I've been following Motion Morning with great interest, and it sparked my desire to share some exciting things with the digest readers.

In this episode, we are going to learn about yet another design and animation studio called Ordinary Folk. We'll see how great they are at 2D/3D graphics, composition, and, of course, telling stories.

Let's go on an adventure!

Ordinary Folks

Ordinary Folks is a creative studio based in Vancouver, Canada. You bet, the naming comes from The Hobbit movie and implies that the great things are getting done not by sheer power and skills but by small everyday deeds. Those deeds are done by a small team (just under ten persons) distributed around the world. It doesn't stop them from collaborating with well-known industry leaders: Google, Elastic, Twilio, and Webflow, just to name a few.

Perhaps the studio introduction above doesn't look overly engaging nowadays. Still, one can appreciate how the guys expressed their concept, playing with the viewer's imagination using only geometric shapes and a few shades of grey. At the end of the video, you begin to understand the philosophy of a group of people genuinely passionate about their work, who accept their averageness and turn it into a strength.

On the contrary, in the magnificent Minima: Manifesto picture, you can see how highly technical concept such as blockchain can be gracefully represented to the public, giving the human feel to the brand:

The backgrounds, camera motion, sound, frame change synergize with each other to support the narrative.

To continue the hand-painted theme, here is the ElasticCon 2021 opener:

Personally, I am fascinated by the plot, clever metaphors, and bold colors! Ordinary Folks somehow made this video really cohesive with Elastic brand image.

Of course, their take on big-brand commercials is also absolutely worth looking at. The Webflow's one is one of my favourites:

Another one, full of morphing shapes, is the short and sweet promo for the very first Google's Search On event:

The last video will put a dot at the end of the episode, but there are many more incredible works available at Ordinary Folk's Vimeo, but most of them require you to be logged in; otherwise, I'd picked many more bright examples for this post. Check them out, and I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Have a great Motion Morning!

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