DesignJune 20, 2022

Motion Morning #3: The deep perception

Hey folks, it's Vlad again with the third episode of Motion Morning! Last Monday, we made quite a journey exploring the experiments of contemporary motion artists. It was intensive, vibrating, and satiating. Today we'll be decreasing the tempo, concentrating on just a single studio to train our motion taste buds in deep perception instead of wide.

Meet the ManvsMachine!

ManvsMachine is are multidimensional creative studio specialized in the fields of design, film, and visual arts. They have two studios, one in Los Angeles, and another one in London. The guys have some real motion Houdinies as staff members and, quite predictably, have a solid portfolio showcasing their work around the world's most famous brands like Nike, Google, and Pepsi.

ManvsMachine appears to be smaller than BUCK studio, but the quality of their work is nonetheless exceptional. Apple clearly fancies them; they even granted the permission to publish MM's take on MacBook commercials and collaborated on a full-fledged marketing company for iMac Pro.

Of course, the motion world doesn't revolve solely around Apple commercials. For a change, here is one extremely cocky and highly dynamic KFC shoot:

And here is part of the EyeBuyDirect marketing project featuring some solid clayish animation with the unique character EyeBuyGuy, developed from scratch:

Now compare those to the mesmerizing visual story of a water drop in the bottled water commercial:

It's hard to imagine a studio working in so many animation styles and still achieving exceptional results. Bravo!

Besides the renders, ManvsMachine has amusing tricks up in its sleeve when it comes to shooting real-world videos as well, no wonder they claimed to have an expertise in films:

I wouldn't be surprised if one day I'd find out they have collaborated on a big-screen picture. They truly have the vision for this. As a finish note, I present you two somewhat long shoots for the detailed observation (but don't hesitate to fast-forward occasionally):

I promised it won't take long, so the last two works pretty much wrap the current episode. If you've liked today's guest, ManvsMachine, consider peeking at their Vimeo account for more, it's an inspirational gold mine.

Stay tuned, and see you next Motion Morning!

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