DesignJune 13, 2022

Motion Morning #2: Anticipating the future with experiments

Hey, it's Vlad on air with the second episode of the Motion Morning digest!

Last time we've made a brief introduction to the world of motion design, keeping it light and non-bothering. Today we are going to do quite the opposite, shaking the perception and creating a solid growth opportunity.

We'll gradually descend into the experimental abyss so deep that you might think it has nothing to do with motion design. However, inspecting the contemporary artists' drafts, one might find them thought-provoking and inspirational. The reason is simple - they don't quite stick to the present as we know it, rather hanging in a limbo of the ever-fogged future.

Yeah, I know, it sounds quite pretentious, but have you ever heard someone talking about contemporary art in any other way?..

Hold your breath!

Level 0: SOMEI 孙世晟

SOMEI is a Shanghai-based motion designer and director. He is an absolute gem that often gets invited to collaborate on projects in big, fancy studios. It's hard to believe, but he makes his own work in a one-man-band style and handles everything himself, except for the sound. Look how good he is at rhyming shapes and objects:

More of his visual poetry is available on Behance, if you wish. There are amazing, realistic art shots to enjoy:

Level 1: Tendril

A few commercials from one studio I've mentioned previously. The first one is (almost traditionally) about Microsoft Office, though if you'd tried not to notice the branding, you'd discover a perfect abstract shapes play capable of telling a story on its own:

And here is the flawlessly executed Vizio commercial. Notice the implicit accents on the product's key features - there is even no need for a narrator to spark interest in purchasing it.


CATK is a creative studio specialised in the fields of design, motion, and music. They have a base in Berlin, and from there they spread their vision worldwide through collaboration with leading brands. The guys are famous for complex futuristic concepts and self-describing animation, which makes their work stand out.

Here are some prominent TV cuts that, perhaps, are more engaging than certain TV shows:

CATK always makes experiments, preserving its position on the bleeding edge of the motion world. While they may look rather unholistic, remember: these are only parts of a bigger picture:

Level 3: DoodleChaos

AI is huge, and I bet there is no need to sing accolades. DoodleChaos is an independent YouTuber who occasionally explores this topic in his mind-blowing motion/video/music experiments.

Here is an interesting experiment on AI making a music video. This closely intersects with the game industry and the future of open-world games, where one is free to roam wherever he wants, with no boundaries.


Completely unrelated to DoodleChaos, but highly coupled with the game industry future, here is another experiment with AI-making-the-universe-as-you-go. GTA gameplay and key events were the input source; the rest is technological magic. You might find it interesting as well:


We're back on the surface! Feeling fresh? Not yet? Well, take your time. Let it sink in to explode later in the shape of ideas in your head that no one ever heard about. The future will definitely change the way we think, create, and design, and we are the ones to bring it closer.

See you next Motion Morning!

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