DesignJune 7, 2022

Motion Morning #1: In the pursue of visual experience

Good motion morning, everyone!

My name is Alexey Tretyakov, and I am the Head of Design at Pixel Point. We love supplying stunning visuals for our clients' marketing websites here in our agency. However, to achieve the best results, you need to learn from the best, and for this exact reason, we've started a weekly digest called Motion Morning. In this digest, we'll be exploring the outstanding pieces of work of the most famous studios out there. Join us on a journey to the immersive and entertaining world of motion design!

Not Real

Not RealΒ is a design-driven creative studio focused on art direction, CGI & animation, located in Buenos Aires and Madrid. The guys have earned tons of awards, and no wonder - their work is exceptional in every way.

Check out these fantastic commercials they made for Microsoft - had they been heading their design department, macOS wouldn't stand a chance πŸ˜€

Not Real can surprise you with their 2D animation skills as well. Next on the queue is the highly dynamic and authentic Grace Sunset Collection commercial, followed by a show promo Ideas In Progress that shows us how to tell a solid story using only colors and geometric shapes.


Buck is one of the largest creative studios in the world, with offices in the USA, Netherlands, and Australia. They have around 600+ designers and animators all over the world - that means tons of resources for diligent work on, for example, very detailed character animations:

If you are confused these commercials with some AAA-grade newest Pixar film, I get it πŸ˜‰ To contrast it out, I'd suggest watching some tech commercials. For example, there is this quite old IBM animation with the crazy good data metaphor for Cloud Data Services I'm still quite impressed with:

And here is their take on Microsoft 365 commercial:

It loses a bit to the similar work of Not Real studio above, but I find it quite fascinating comparing their unique style and vision working on promo for the same product.

BUCK has the privilege of having very comfortable project timings. They can spend weeks exploring and extending the industry's latest trends and approaches, often becoming a trendsetter that sets industry moods for years. Here is some Apple vibes in the old promo below, but who were referencing whom we'd never know:


Tendril is yet another creative studio with offices in Canada and Brazil. They aren't so famous yet compared to the previous two. Nobody made a wiki page for them, but their work is still worth your attention. Let's begin with some more Microsoft shots to keep with the flow:

Aren't these emojis cute? No? Oh, stop pretending you are not having fun! Here is another video in case you are an "icon person":

And as a cherry-on-top, something more profound and, well, majestic:

That's it for today, folks! Time to wrap it up, but I have so much more to show and tell about, so please, stay tuned. See you next Motion Morning!

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